New Aera is now part of Inogen, the global market leader of portable oxygen concentrators.

Inogen and New Aera both provide innovative and efficacious respiratory products to improve the health, well-being and independence of patients. Together, we will continue to develop, manufacture, and market effective and innovative products for respiratory conditions, like COPD and ultimately, improve the freedom and independence of respiratory patients.  

“We are excited to announce the acquisition of New Aera as we feel its TAV technology can be used to improve the lives of both oxygen therapy patients, existing non-invasive ventilation patients, and mild to moderate COPD patients given its patient-preferred design, relatively low cost, and clinical efficacy,” said Inogen CEO Scott Wilkinson.

For some oxygen therapy patients, supplemental oxygen therapy alone fails to provide adequate respiratory support and they continue to struggle with breathlessness and fatigue. So, the engineering team at New Aera envisioned a product that could relieve breathlessness, increase endurance, and boost energy. They dedicated years of research, development and trials to make their visionary concept into a product. Then they further challenged themselves to improve it by making it small, lightweight, easy to operate and affordable.  

“New Aera was founded to develop innovative solutions to help people worldwide with chronic lung disease that are effective, easy-to-use, compatible with multiple gas sources and cost accessible. The result was the proprietary TAV therapy platform that has demonstrated significant clinical results when compared to oxygen therapy alone,” said Gregory Kapust, co-founder of New Aera.

Today, we are excited to combine the best of both technologies by offering the SideKick® TAV® system to the Inogen suite of products. We are passionate about improving the day to day lives of people with respiratory conditions and helping millions of oxygen patients who are struggling with breathlessness and fatigue. With each step we take to improve our products and service, our customers take another step toward more freedom. We are committed to providing Oxygen. Anytime. Anywhere. and now, with less breathlessness and fatigue. 

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