Patients using Inogen TAV experienced increased endurance and reduced breathlessness1.
“This just makes the movement and energy so much better.”

“It gives me a lot more power than I’ve felt in a long time.”

“I feel like I’ve been rested for a long time with this amount of air flow coming in.”

Note: The above are patients’ responses during the SideKick TAV Clinical Study at John Muir Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center.

Study results also demonstrated:

Over 2x increase in average exercise endurance1

Watch this overview video for additional product details and the clinical study methodology.

(1) Inogen TAV plus oxygen therapy was compared to oxygen therapy alone in a randomized, controlled crossover study of patients with GOLD 2-4 COPD or interstitial lung disease. The study was performed at John Muir Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center in Concord, CA and presented at the American College of Chest Physicians’ 2015 CHEST Conference. Inogen TAV is U.S. 510(k) cleared for adult hospital and homecare use. Prescription required.